Interview requests, accreditation


Interview requests, accreditation (Glitchz Festival 2023)

The official Press Release can be found here.

Press images from the Pixelache Glitchz Festival are available through this Google Drive.

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All photos are credited as stated in the photos' names. For terms of usage, email or The images can be only used with editorial content related to Pixelache, Pixelache Festival, and Piknik Frequency Ry.



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Pixelache Newsletter: April / May

You Are Cordially Invited To The Glitchz Festival!

[REMINDER] Glitchz Festival 8-17 May

[CORRECTION] Glitchz Festival 8-17 June

Glitchz Festival Opening, today at 5:30 pm

Glitchz Performances Tomorrow From 5:30 pm

Glitchz Performances and Closing Party

Thank You to everyone from the Glitchz Festival!

[PRESS RELEASE] Pixelache Wikimedians-in-residence

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Festival 2022 - CONTACTS

Images from the Pixelache CONTACTS event are available through this Google Drive.

All photos are credited to Antti Ahonen, for terms of usage, email to

The images can be only used with editorial content related to Pixelache, Pixelache Festival and Piknik Frequency Ry.


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Gathering of Elders: 2002 Edition

Another Story: interview with Kisito Assangni

Pixelache Festival at the CreaTures Festival

Pixelache Festival at the Futureless Festival

CreaTures at the Cooler Planet exhibition


Festival 2021

#Burn____ Festival - Lehdistötiedote

#Burn____ Festival opening this Sunday at Oodi!

#Burn____ Festival Day 1

#Burn____ Festival Day 2

#Burn____ Festival Day 3

#Burn____ Festival Day 4

#Burn____ Festival Day 5

#Burn____ Festival Day 6

#Burn____ Festival Day 7

#Burn____ Festival Day 8


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Drifts Festival: 5. - 8.8.2021 at MiF

The Rain Theatre


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#BURN____ Launch

Spring 2020 programme

The Exhausted Activist Project

Spring 2020 programme changes (due to COVID-19)

#BURN Open Call

SoS - Bunkers

Culture Stew

RAW - Relational Art Week

Cosmo[s]politan Radiophonic Picnic

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