Interactive Installations

Presentations of the pikseliÄHKY 2003 interactive installations selection. All of the works come this year from young Finnish creators, with expertise ranging from electrical engineering to interior design. The installations have been created with a good dose of do-it-yourself attitude, most of them involving home-made electronics and custom software.

Last Clock by Jussi Ängeslevä has measured time around the world since its release last spring, and is now shown in Finland for the first time. We are also happy to bring back Animaatiokone, which was featured as a prototype already in pikseliÄHKY 2002. Works by Lotta PartanenToni Laakso and Anssi Kasitonni offer innovative and hilarious perspectives to such ordinary things as benches, cardboard boxes and tv-sets.

13:00 Intro, Petri Lievonen & Juha Huuskonen
13:10 Jussi Ängeslevä : Last Clock
13:15 Toni Laakso : Äänipahvilaatikko
13:20 Lotta Partanen : The bench that became confused
13:30 Mikko Lindholm, Ari Nykänen, Perttu Hämäläinen: Animaatiokone
13:40 Anssi Kasitonni : mm. Knight-o-Matic, Herra Viiksimies, Sue Ellen and Eikö täältä todellakaan tule mitään muuta
13:50 --