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Pixelache 2020 - #Burn____ Program announcement

Pixelache is excited to announce the dates and locations for some of our early 2020 projects under the thematic mantle of #Burn___. 

Pixelache's 2020 #Burn___ program is comprised of projects which are facilitated by members of our association. The first quarter of these events collectively, but respectively, address the idea of our individual perception of the current moment, reflecting on both the experiences of the mind and the body as we inhabit the context of contemporary environments. These projects explore alternative methodologies relating to activism, meditation and mediation. 

See here for info about our Launch Event


The Exhausted Activist Project (2020) 

Artist and Facilitator - Vishnu Vardhani Rajan

At Myymälä2 

Dates 29.2. - 2.3.2020

Starts 18:00 on Saturday 29.2.

Finishes 13:00 on Monday 2.3.2020 

The Exhausted Activist project is centred around setting up a pop-up nap cafe, a space for people to rest but which also challenges the perceived norms of 'work-hours' in order to bring back the culture of taking naps and resting.The purpose of this project is to investigate the neuro-politics of rest and especially sleep. 

The Exhausted Activist project aims to consider several questions about how we deal with rest as a society, namely: Can reparations for people match the rapidity of technological growth?  Can rethinking rest in times of high productivity lead to a boom? Can doing nothing become a rebellion to the ideologies of capitalism? How do passive bodies rest? Can self care and unwork be tools for mental health? 

The project will be located within Myymälä2, Helsinki.

Uudenmaankatu 23, 00120 Helsinki

Image courtesy of Shubhangi Singh

Photot courtesy of : Samra Sabanovic / Shelter Festival


Collective Subversive Meditation All That has Melted into Air, Inhale (2019)

Curator and Artist Vera Kavaleuskaya

Facilitator Saša Nemec

at Vapaakaupunki (9.4.2020) from18:00

Curator and artist Vera Kavaleuskaya presents her performative project All that has Melted into Air, Inhale (2019). It is a collective subversive meditation followed by a group discussion with attending participants through which the public can share their struggles and fears within the Helsinki and international art scenes.

Popular methods and tactics of self-help such as occidental yoga or wellness, either appropriated or created by neoliberalism, oftentimes are tailored to distract individuals from the real cause of their distress and let them repeatedly focus on temporary solutions. Whilst this temporal relief may be helpful in certain occasions, generally, this tendency may lead towards the de-politicization and further alienation of individuals.

Combining the lecture and physical practice, collective subversive meditation All that has melted into air, inhale (2019) questions the position of our bodies within the territory of struggle, and views the air we breathe as an invisible witness and a result of a quite visible problem of extractive capitalism. Within this subversive meditation, participants would attempt to shift attention back towards the production of collectivity, critically reflect upon their own exhaustion and the exhaustion of resources, and take a sideways in thinking about the corporeal, their bodies, and their functions.

The event will take place at Vapaakaupunki, Helsinki.

Hermannin rantatie 5, 00580 Helsinki


Bunkers (2020)

Facilitator (Alan Bulfin) 

Artists : Mari Keski-Korsu, Elina Vainio , Charli Clark

Seinäjoki (15.5.2020)

Bunkers is a one day event touring Seinäjoki's unused bomb shelters as well as publicly used underground shelters for the purpose of presenting performative, environmental and video art, featuring artists Julia Kukkonen and Charli Clark. The project is facilitated by Pixelache members artists Mari Keski-Korsu and Alan Bulfin. 

The Bunkers tour will be followed by a panel discussing, how art and green care psychology combine to create new paths of thinking and forms of public care. This is explored through the concept of embodiment and is also why the bunkers are used. The panel discussion is held in Seinäjoki taidehalli Vintti space. Invited speakers include Mauno Häyrynen (Turku University, Kone foundation funded Kokkeli project) and Keijo Viertoma (VoimavaratilaToiska) as well as Seinäjoki City representatives: Sanna Karimäki-Nuutinen (Seinäjoki taidehalli) and Jussi Aittoniemi (the city architect).

The concept of embodiment can be explained by thinking of how a bunker, in its function, has an unsettling feeling of imminent disaster or impending doom.  That is to say a bunker embodies existential dread and anxiety even if it is never used.  Finland has a unique feature of its building regulations. Any newly constructed building over a certain size must install a bunker.  This means that Finland as a nation has legislated for a worst case scenario.Bunkers mediates this anxiety through explorative practice within these speculative spaces. 

The event will take place in collaboration with Seinäjoki Taidehalli

Nyykoolinkatu 25, 60100 Seinäjoki

Teaser of further programming in 2020 


Looking backward-looking forwards 

Venue TBA

Facilitator - Antti Ahonen

Dates 10.6.2020


Zero Electricity Collaborative project with Myymälä2 (10.8.20-16.8.20)

Facilitator - Egle Oddo 


Culture Stew - Hack Culture - Taiwan in Finland

Details TBA

Facilitator - Tuomo Tammenpää